Ghost Adventures

Hey I'm Becca and I really love Ghost Adventures :D
P.S - this is a side blog :)

Guys that black figure they saw was SOOO creepy it looked like a real person omg


It doesn’t need any comment. I won’t even try.

That old lady laughing on tonight’s episode gave me the chills D:


In honor of the Ghost Adventures Season 10 premiere tonight @ 9, here’s a throwback Zak

So these are the pics of when I visited Eastern State Penitentiary last summer :) It was so awesome to be somewhere where the GAC investigated! I loved that episode, and the third picture with the chair, I think it was called the “torture chair”, was where Zak hit his back trying to get under the bar! I heard one of the people who worked there talk about if the place was haunted and he mentioned that Ghost Adventures investigated there :)